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Behind The Times

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Oswald’s Original Coffin

The Magic Bullet Theory – My First Play – Premiers Saturday!

Germany Ends Multiculturalism. The French Are Nervous.

The Feds Say Kids Are Insane

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That Oswald Cat

Fidel Likes The Jews

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Random Thoughts and Advice For Roger and Paris

Roger Clemens Indicted For Lying To People Who Lie For A Living

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The Real Enemy

Does Smoking Equal Weight Loss? By Guest Blogger Sreeny Cherukuri

Vegas Socialism

It’s 2010, Right?

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It’s Not A Sport, It’s Running

The Imperfect Game Will Not Be Changed

Elvis Costello Announces Boycott of Israel From Behind Burka

Iraqi Propaganda Minister Yusef Goebbels Demands Return Of Iraqi Jewish Archives

Why the Bed Moves During Sex, Iranian Cleric Style

Cher? A Punk Rocker?

The Passion II – The End of the Monroe Doctrine

Dubai Reinstates the Nuremberg Laws

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Just Like Tiger and McGwire

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Hey Osama, Detroit?

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Sold American for $583k

Remote Controlled Bowling

What’s in your fridge?

BREAKING NEWS – We Have an Asshole of the Quarter!

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Camp Gives Way To Strollers

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The Magic Bullet Theory

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I Never Used…

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Down 71%

Permanent Job Security

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Leave The Drinking Age At 21. Seriously…

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Odious Display of Insignificant Power

Green Dodge Darts

“…Iraq is safer than Detroit.”

KO’d By Freud in the Fifth

Aron’s Boys Beat the Con

Her Dog Wanted Me More Than She Did


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