The Mob Boss Has Anorexia

The Zola System in Action


Carmelo Di Stefano, a Sicilian mob boss came up with a unique way to get out of jail.  He faked both anorexia and paralysis.


The ploy worked as he was taken to a local hospital twice for his

“Medical conditions.”  Di Stefano was finally released to house arrest but promptly escaped.  Carmelo avoided re-arrest for two months.


Recently, the Italian federal police caught up with Di Stefano in the seaside village of Catania.  When asked where his wheelchair was, Carmelo replied “it’s a miracle.”


A career criminal managed to fool authorities with a false bout of anorexia and associated paralysis.  Anorexia is a disease that usually affects teenage girls.  I assume soon al-Qaeda operatives will be using bulimia as an excuse to get out of jail.  But hey, what’s a little vomit between friends.




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