The Philosophy of the Zola System

And this goes for all time…
Every family has a system. Many have their own slang. Most family systems probably seem whacked when examined by outsiders. The Zola system is organized around the five basic tenets that my father taught to his sons to ensure our survival and hopefully success in the world.

1. The Con
High stakes games appear fair but are really set up by the con artist so that the mark cannot win. The book The Rules, for example, is the bible for women who want to learn the con of dating to get their big prize: marriage.

2. The Street Hustle
A small con, done just for survival—like padding your resume, cribbing your research from Wikipedia or dating for dinner.

3. The First Essential Scary Truth
There is always someone better than you.
When you flip this scary truth, you get the underbelly, the basic tenant of New York dating: There is always someone better out than your current partner.

4. The Second Essential Scary Truth
Ten percent (if not more) always goes to the house.
Taxes, the agent’s percentage, tips, bribes, expensive dinners, the church tithe—the house gets its share.

5. The Core Belief
And this is crucial…
A man takes care of his own – his family and friends.


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