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Michael Lindner

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Crooked Construction Firms?

Why Is This Night Different Than All Other Nights?

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Ya’ Think?

Jimmy Fallon on Late Night

Paul Harvey – RIP

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Springs Eternal

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Random Tuesday Thoughts

R.I.P. Lux

What the Immaculate Conception Means to Me

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New Words from Guest Blogger John O’Brien

Jesus, I’m Old

Get the Pod into the Car

A Quick Thought…

The Sarge Runs The Coup

Damn Microsoft!

The Final Solution to the Mojito Issue

Random Thoughts Before The Big Freeze

Word Warriors – From Reader Sreeny Cherukuri

41 Mojitos

Random Thoughts on the First Monday in 2009

The Family Mutt – From Guest Blogger Patty

Titling a Porno – From Guest Blogger elgringo

Happy New Year

It Gets Worse

The First Cougar

Male Sexuality

Holiday Greetings

The Christmas Traveling Blues

The Cold Snap Does Me In!

A Gift To New York Sports Writers

A Comment From Reader SingPretty

Murphy’s Law on the Metro North

The Vindication of Spiro T. Agnew

Im Memoriam: Paul Benedict


My Grandfather – from Guest Blogger Leela Corman

Finally, Humor About the Presidency

Harems on the Rise

The Original Happy Thanksgiving

Talking About LSD on Thanksgiving

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A Grumpy Old Bastard Gets A Job

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I Am Not TBS

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When Did You Realize Your Father Was As Full Of Shit As The Next Guy?

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Mea Culpa from Alex Zola

KO’d By Freud in the Fifth

Your Tuesday Girl

“I survived Hitler so you could act like this?”


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