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I’d like to post Zola System reader Minerva’s response to Sunday’s blog. Minerva, like myself, is a Detroit expat who is currently doing time in the greater Phoenix area.

Oh for the love of god why can’t people just leave Detroit alone now? At least in Detroit you know that the people carrying guns without a permit are actual criminals, you don’t have to be told that you CAN’T bring a gun into a bar and drink yourself silly, and walking while foreign (ie Mexican) isn’t a reason to get you harassed by the police.

The only people that speak badly of Detroit are those that have never seen it up close and don’t understand the level of affection that the locals have for the city, despite it’s decay and corruption. Detroiters love that town. How many people do you know that actually truly love Phoenix? Not many I bet.

It’s hard to love a cactus but easy to love a Thunderbird.

Amen baby!

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