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Lethal Injection In Connecticut And Kosher Vegetables In Miami

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Seriously ABC, Matt Millen?

The Spreadable Four-Martini Lunch

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Amare Is A Jew, Who Knew?

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Bingo Rebels

Random Thoughts In The 110-Degree Heat

Unemployment – Just How Bad Is It?

Public Floggings

Kwame Wants Your Money – Legally. Via PayPal.

Slither D-Backs!

In Praise of Suburbia – From Guest Blogger Liz Emrich

Sodomizing Poodles

Helpful Arabic Phrases For Plane Travelers

Profiled or Potential Suspect

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Bad Burritos

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Too Nice a Guy

Drab Expensive Cells

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Two More Bullets

Ya’ Think?

Dating Advice From a Bad 1984 Movie

Flat Out Weird


The False Recovery of Doing Laundry

How Much For The Kidney?

Organic She-Males?

A Birthday Cake For Adolph Hitler Campbell

Do You Manscape?

Just How Bad It Is Out There

Im Memoriam: Paul Benedict

Watching Football Becomes a Couples Activity

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Dragging the Calvary Cross Through Union Square

On The Subway

The Music For Our Times – Workbook Revisited

Random Thoughts

Sherman Did

A Moving Carnival

Too Soon

Back To The Gold Standard

Is It Child Abuse To Raise Your Child A Detroit Lions Fan?

Just Hop Away

Revenge of the Stoopman

Tolken Teenage Rebellion

She Only Dated Me For Dinner


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