The Kool-Aid Pitcher Did It

The Street Hustle


Here is a quick lack of historical perspective, brought to you by Kerrie, a 23 server I work with.


A mother and daughter came to the bar today, lovely blonde women both.  Although I am working a jazz boozer called the Cedar Tavern, it has pretensions towards being a steakhouse with decent wine by the glass.  Ok, great, no problem.  The ladies split a mushroom pizza and Greek salad.    To keep my hand in the fine ding element of bartending, I offered to split the salad for the ladies using my ‘French service’ skills (using a spoon and fork in one hand usually in this case two forks.)


“We’ll drink that Kool-Aid,” the daughter told me.  As I laughed and served the meal, I noticed Kendall straightening her glasses at the service bar.


When I asked her why she looked so conflicted, she wondered why she used the Kool-Aid phrase.


As I began to explain to Kerrie that the women had no faith in my abilities to serve in a seemingly challenging way, I looked at her quizzically.  “Do you know where the phrase comes from,” I asked.


“Yeah, that pitcher who killed all those people on that island in that 1970’s commercial,” she said.


I still don’t know whether to commend her creativity or call her history teacher for the address of the school to blow up before they teach anymore.

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