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Killing Jimmy Hoffa

Trash Begets Trash

The End Of The Living Theater

Thoughts On Today’s Headlines

Polly Purebred, I Weep With Thee

The Stupidity Virus Hits A Local Clerk

Is Your Spirit Ready To Meet God’ell? By Guest Blogger Scot Zola

Going WKRP On Five Hour Energy Ads

Chanel No 5 And Angel Dust On 3rd Avenue

Skin Deep? From Guest Blogger Liz Georges

A Sweet Mystery In Two Songs

A Different Kind Of Truth By Guest Blogger Kiko Jones

The Not So Mysterious Burgundy Room Cell Phone Theft

Candy For Hangovers

Shame Makes A Comeback

Killing Charlotte On The Cheap Redux

Schutzhund Part 1 – A Guest Blog From Janethegreat

Allahu Akbar In Desert Storm Park

Why I Love Angry Birds

Chili’s Bar And Grill Wants You Dead

Meeting The Nearly Famous Barry Young – Almost

Drinking And Intelligence

Are You A Virgo

New Song Titles For The Baby Boomers

The Best of the Zola System – Beat Poet Osama

The University of Baltimore Zombie Con

Hanging Out At The CVS

My Favorite 15 Albums In 15 Minutes – By Guest Blogger Liz Emrich

Tinted Windows, Sex Toys and Traffic Stops

My Favorite 15 Albums (This Week) In 15 Minutes

Killing Charlotte On The Cheap

So This Minister Gets A Coke

Two Nights In The Chelsea Hotel

BB Zola

Does Smoking Equal Weight Loss? By Guest Blogger Sreeny Cherukuri

National Ice Cream Day Tomorrow and French Vanilla Retires

Is NYC Over? By Guest Blogger Sreeny Cherukuri

Red Angel Six

Skateboarding…On The Water

Almost Mugged By A BOB – Another Failure of the War On Drugs

Random Thoughts On A Bad Neck Day

The End of Hope As We Knew It

Taking It Personally – By Guest Blogger Liz Emrich

Pac Man Turns 30

Thus Returneth The Choke

The Low Click of High Heels on Marble Floors

Bagdad Arizona

It Must Be Monday

What a Waste of a Great Band Name

Making Money From Your Friends – By Guest Blogger Liz Emrich

The Oak Room, Ecclesiastes 1:9 and the Rending of the Fabric of America

Knocking Up A Martini

Even The Hot Dog Buns Were Stale

Should Sheriff Joe Arpaio Be Indicted?

Profiled or Potential Suspect

Happy 2010

The Choke!

Phoenix in a Kilt

What’s in Sara Fryd’s Fridge

Ohio Experiments on the Condemned – What Else Is New?

Sold American for $583k

The Dog Bought a Seat

Bad Burritos

Guest Blogger Liz Emrich on her Fridge

Where Were You 30 Years Ago

What’s in your fridge?

The Proper Way To Place A Bet

John Desmond Ott

Stealing Signs – So What?

David Sirota And the Assholes

Trained The Old School Way

How Do You Define An Asshole?

I Am An Asshole

The Projects and Caledonia

The Chickification of America Through Baseball?

Rabbis, Black Market Organs, Crooked Politicians But No Kinky Sex?

Win a Paddle and Spank the Spanking Man – A Contest From Author Rachel Kramer Bussel

Odious Displays of Insignificant Power Redux

KO’d By Freud in the Fifth Redux

The Latest In Online Dating – A Virtual Wingman

Beta Men: The New Women

Dwelling on the End of My Snark

New York’s Online Poker Clubs

A Brief History of Snarky Redux

Too Nice a Guy

The Choke: Post-Urban Culture’s First Band

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