Rabbis, Black Market Organs, Crooked Politicians But No Kinky Sex?

Sleaze Culture

July 24, 2009 the New York Times headlines screamed “44 CHARGED BY U.S. IN NEW JERSEY CORRUPTION SWEEP.” At first glance, it didn’t seem like too much of a story. Initially my interest was in the number of people arrested. Although New Jersey is, arguably, the most corrupt state in the Union, 44 people busted by the FBI sounds like a busy week.

When I read further, I started laughing. Of the 44 people arrested, 5 were rabbis, 3 mayors and 36 were area politicians. What started out as a straight up corruption investigation with the FBI using an informant posing as a crooked businessman ballooned. Soon, the FBI was looking into black market kidney donations and fake Gucci bags. Jurisdictions as far away as Israel and Switzerland were implicated in the scheme.

Religious leaders, the Swiss banking establishment, illegal organ donations and knock off purses sold on Canal Street. The whole episode seems pretty tawdry, especially when it makes the front page of the New York Daily News. However, there is something about these events that makes the whole story boring. Some money changed hands, a few human organs are sold for profit and a politician or 39 put a few bucks in a slush fund. The affair is morally and ethically reprehensible but hardly breathtaking in the sensationalized 24/7 media of 2009.

I know why I am bored, the kinky sex is missing.

The deals being done in the back of sleazy strip clubs off the Jersey Turnpike. TV/TS hookers biting a rabbi when he refuses to pay and turning states evidence. Spanking, whips, bad checks and burned out junkies with social diseases is exactly what this case needs.

If only we loved in a perfect world.  (Special thanks to Joe Bassani for pointing out the lack of kinky sex in this whole affair.)

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