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The Health Fascists Take Over Deli

Manson and MacLaine Do The Karma Thing

Live Tweeting The UnTweetable

TIME Magazine, the IRS Scandal and the Jews

You Should Have Used Murphy’s Nails

Three Yunnies Walk Into A Bar

Thoughts On Today’s Headlines

Is Your Spirit Ready To Meet God’ell? By Guest Blogger Scot Zola

Going WKRP On Five Hour Energy Ads

Chanel No 5 And Angel Dust On 3rd Avenue

Losing Peep World And Gaining Hooters.

Why The NCAA Got Involved In the Penn State Child Sex Scandal

Chickie’s Dead Redux

Just Hop Away Redux

How To Piss Off Your Insurance Company

Why I Hate The Christmas Season – Again

I Am On Baseball Wives

Playing Checkers With Death

Dog Day Afternoon In The Prescott Wal-Mart

I Put The Crime In Writing So G Couldn’t Hear It

The Gipper Did It First

Candy For Hangovers

Amy Winehouse And The Sure Poison Of Celebrity Rehab

Placed Upon The Altar Of The IRS By The New York Yankees

Shame Makes A Comeback

Behind The Times

We’re Here For You

Chili’s Bar And Grill Wants You Dead

Rex Ryan’s Feet

Why I Hate The Christmas Season Redux

The Mars Bar Saved Me From Jury Duty

Oswald’s Original Coffin

Reflections On The Detroit Lions Turkey Day Classic

The Magic Bullet Theory – My First Play – Premiers Saturday!

Fall Facsism

Flavored Vodka Proving PT Barnum Right

The University of Baltimore Zombie Con

Hanging Out At The CVS

Random Thoughts and Advice For Roger and Paris

Tinted Windows, Sex Toys and Traffic Stops

Roger Clemens Indicted For Lying To People Who Lie For A Living

A Picture of a Dominos Pizza

So This Minister Gets A Coke

Two Nights In The Chelsea Hotel

Does Smoking Equal Weight Loss? By Guest Blogger Sreeny Cherukuri

My Ex-Cousin Sasha, The Russian Spy

Almost Mugged By A BOB – Another Failure of the War On Drugs

It’s Not A Sport, It’s Running

The Mob Boss Has Anorexia

Ohio Experiments on the Condemned – What Else Is New?

The Proper Way To Place A Bet

BREAKING NEWS – We Have an Asshole of the Quarter!

Camp Gives Way To Strollers

Jim Carroll RIP

The Projects and Caledonia

Rabbis, Black Market Organs, Crooked Politicians But No Kinky Sex?

New York’s Online Poker Clubs

No More Badlands

She-Males in Gramercy Park

Dad Digs T Girls


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