Camp Gives Way To Strollers

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My pal Aaron Sagerdorf posted this on his Facebook wall today:


Stopped at the bodega by Houston and 1st to get a bottle of water. (wine tasting is thirsty business!) the lady in front of me has a great body. She’s talking to the guy about just going to work. I stand behind admiring. She pays, I pay, we walk in the same way.  She goes to work.  At Lucky Cheng’s.  On second thought, HIS body ain’t so good looking after all…At Tompkins Square Park restoring my faith.


This used to be a common story on downtown Manhattan.  Now, these same street, once the home of the Andy Warhol set are filled with strollers and the latest in Stella McCarthy fashions. It’s so bland that a TS/TV sighting warrants a Facebook wall post.

You can add Camp to the list of vanishing New York .   

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