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Helpful Arabic Phrases For Plane Travelers – Know Them, Love Them, Live Them They Are Your Friends

You Should Have Used Murphy’s Nails

Zen, White Noise And Late Night In New York – My Personal Soundtrack To The Formerly Mean Streets Of NYC

The Mars Bar Saved Me From Jury Duty Redux

The Shylock Business – My Fallback Position Redux

Assassination Tips From Yalie #1 Redux

The Fashionable Assassin – Yalie #2 Redux

Can A 1974 Watergate Receipt Solve The Kennedy Assassination Redux?

For Menasch On His 17th Yahrzeit

Back To The Future With Private Mortgage Lending Redux

My Minor Miracle During The Anthrax Attacks Redux

In Search Of The Proper Manhattan Redux

Sherman Did Redux

Making Banker Game Totally Unstoppable Redux

My Ex-Cousin Sasha, The Russian Spy Redux

Chickie’s Dead Redux

Opus, Uncle Duke And All Snark All The Time Redux

Fidel Likes The Jews Redux

Walter Cronkite Meets Denzel Washington Redux

Touting For Dinner Redux

Just Hop Away Redux

Weiner And Breitbart Make Monday Fun Redux

Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen Redux

The Steve Fisher Half Point Move Theory Redux

What The Immaculate Conception Means To Me Redux

Why I Hate The Christmas Season – Again

Conspiracy Theories And Mark Felt Redux

Talking About LSD On Thanksgiving Redux

Pigeon Metaphor And The 2nd Amendment Redux

There Is Someone For Everyone Redux

Organic She-Males Redux

41 Mojitos Redux

The End Of The 40 Year Old Bartender Redux

Green Dodge Darts Redux

Junkiedom Will Be Served Redux

Killing Charlotte On The Cheap Redux

Tiki Barber and Agent Penis Redux

Beat Poet Osama Redux

Midgets and Guns Redux

The End Of The 40 Year Old Bartender Redux

Bobby From the Block – Yenta Crack Fiend Redux

Regress And The Rabbit Redux

Why I Hate The Christmas Season Redux

Closing the NYC OTB’s

Two More Bullets Redux

The Magic Bullet Theory – The Play – Premiers Tonight!

The Magic Bullet Theory – Redux

The Best of the Zola System – John Desmond Ott

The Best of the Zola System – Beat Poet Osama

Back to the Gold Standard, Again

Odious Displays of Insignificant Power Redux

KO’d By Freud in the Fifth Redux

Her Dog Wanted Me More Than She Did Redux

A Brief History of Snarky Redux


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