A Picture of a Dominos Pizza

The Street Hustle

It’s a Sunday in August. Nothing going on and nothing to do in motel Valley of the Sun but sit inside with the idiot box running, the air conditioning on high and try to stay cool.

To that end, I found a re-run of The Empire Strikes Back on Spike TV. In Yoda speak I have chosen to do not. However, while being a sweaty slob, scratching and burping on comes a Dominos Pizza commercial that caught my attention.

In the commercial, the various actors encourage the viewer to send in pictures of a Dominos Pizza. The idea is a picture of a Dominos Pizza makes it scrumptious.

Actually, I’m glad they’ve found a way to make their pizza edible. Maybe these new pictures will make Dominos Pizza taste a whole lot less like cardboard with rotten tomato sauce on top.

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