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It’s a lazy Friday afternoon in the Southland.  The twin shrouds of desire and ambition are nowhere to be found, just the way those sitcoms from back in the 1960’s and 70’s promised it would be.

So today I’d like to look at some headlines from around the world, ok mostly from the New York Post, and ask the questions we all want answers to, or at least those that pop into my head whenever I see them.

Ex-‘Swan’: Erin Moran needs major therapy before appearance

Hopefully the Fonz will be available.

Miami babes feel Mel Gibson’s heat


He’s running the gas chambers in Miami?  Talk about Chutzpah.

SI serial killer says he’s ‘unaware of these crimes’ in court appearance

If the ‘I don’t recall’ Defense didn’t work for Nixon, it won’t work for you although you are probably less of a scumbag.

Ethan Hawke talons out: lashes out at Oscars

Ethan baby, the best part about Suspicious was when your daughter cut your head off.  Peter O’Toole in My Favorite Year you ain’t.

And finally…

Porn star Ron Jeremy cleared to go back to work

Welcome back.

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