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Two days ago, I named Miguel Cabrera Asshole of the Month for his colossal failure to play effective baseball in a do or die atmosphere while hung over.  Shortly after awarding Cabrera his prize, someone sent me an article from last Sunday’s New York Post detailing a new marketing gimmick from the Fourth Wall Restaurant Group ( I worked for Fourth Wall from 2003-2007 when they were called the Smith and Wollensky Restaurant Group and owned the Park Ave. Café.)


Long on to their website and input your total bill from whatever restaurant you ate at last.  Then download a series of receipts from barely fictional companies and “staple them to the back of your expense report and you are home free.”  Theoretically, the site is a tool to build business for Maloney and Porcelli, one of the restaurants owned by Fourth Wall.  There are those, like the Cup of Jo blogspot, that feel this is funny, hilarious, witty etc.  The lead from the Post article was more to the point: “I’ll have some fraud with those fries.”


Thus Michael Stillman, the President of Fourth Wall, gets a special award from the Zola System: Asshole of the Quarter.  He has taken the wit out of an old American con game.  This receipt hustle is something almost everyone does every year in April 15.  The only thing interesting or mind scratchingly stupid, depending on your politics, Stillman added was admitting to his con in the papers.


And we all know what happens to those who brag about defrauding the IRS.

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