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I hate ‘Reality’ TV with a passion most reserve for fine wine and racist tendencies.  The sight of overbearing, overwrought contrived plot lines about rich housewives screaming about their multi-million dollar divorce settlements being unfair and then slung out to a greedy vacuous public as real time real life events gets me a nauseous as my last bought with food poisoning.  (I grant Pawn Stars a pass as, aside from being a guilty pleasure, there are some redeeming elements vis a vie historical factoids presented.)

Traditionally, I’d offer a hearty Selah to the Good Taste terrorist who blew up the set of one of these monstrosities so as to save what is left of class in the American television culture.   (But alas, there is no Army Of Restoring and Defending Class in the terrorist community.)  However, today I must urge you, dear reader, to go to VH1’s website and stream episode 101 of the new ‘reality’ series Baseball Wives.

No, your occasionally intrepid blogger hasn’t gone back to drugs; and Tuesday’s hangover has mercifully disappeared.  But yes, you do need to watch this latest piece of detritus forced down the throat, past the craw, of the television viewing public.

Why you ask?  Because at the 17:04 minute mark (and scroll there do not watch the whole thing – I beg of you), the midsection of yours truly makes an appearance as Server #1 to the woman who is worried about not being a catch because of her drug addictions, two kids and failed marriages.

This is yet another sign the apocalypse is nigh.


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