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Life in desert exile has few moments of exhilaration, when that venerable something arrives in to give those few seconds of utter joy.  However, as I limped to the mailbox a few days back, the Great Magnet smiled upon me and granted me one of those respites from purgatory: the new Choke CD had arrived.


The CD, produced by the Buzzcocks Tony Barber, manages to catch the tough, no nonsense New York Punk sound that has been missing from the scene for far too long.  The Choke’s first digital document is all about energy and attitude, much like their must see live shows.  In this blogger’s opinion, it one of the few must have CD’s of 2009.


Do not walk, run to your local independent record store and demand your dose of New York punk now.  However, if you are into instant gratification, you can download the Choke from iTunes or by contacting the band directly.


Currently, the band is mugging the granola eaters on the left coast.  If you live anywhere in San Diego, Los Angeles or San Francisco make sure you catch the Choke’s act.  Tell Knuckles I sent you.

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