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There are times when I read or see something and wonder if I am still under the influence of some nameless drug. This was certainly the case when I found this press release in my e-mailbox


Skateboarding on Water

Skateboarding: we’re guessing you’re familiar.

Waterskiing. Same story.

Skateboarding on water, however…

That would be known as wakeskating—new to these shores of the North Atlantic and probably the craziest way to cool off during this scorcher of a weekend—brought to you by a little outfit called 41 North Board Corp, now operating in Sag Harbor.

If Tony Hawk were a Kennedy (and a merman), this is probably how he’d blow off steam: by hopping on a skateboard and tying himself to a maniacally speeding motorboat.

And that’s just what you’ll do: strap on a pair of sneakers, grab a skateboard, grab the tow line and jump into the water. At which point the boat will begin to drive, and we’re not going to lie: things are going to get… intense.

You might be tempted to let go of the tow line—don’t. Instead, hold on tight as you accelerate past 10, then 20, then 30 miles per hour. If at this point any part of you is still above water, we would encourage you to show off the boarding tricks you’ve made famous at countless company picnics, like the kick flip and the across-water ollie.

If this proves too much for you, or you don’t like being dragged in water on Saturdays, you can opt for wakeskating’s only-slightly-less-insane kid brother: wakesurfing. It’s basically the same thing, but with a surfboard, and you can let go of the bar. Of course, you can also opt for just being on a BYOB boat all day, drinking champagne with the tow line dragging lazily behind you.

Also known as wakedrinking.

Waterskiing, good. Drinking champagne while hanging out at the beach? All for it. However, since they are skateboarding on the water, it does beg the question; what do they do with the wheels?

Ah, those crazy kids.  Now, could someone tell me if I took the brown acid?

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