The Choke: Post-Urban Culture’s First Band

Post Urban Culture

It seems since the arrival of Nirvana, every band has to use the hallowed words ‘punk rock’ to describe their music.  Most are mere imitators who wouldn’t know an original thought if it bit them on the ass in the middle of Times Square.  However, there are a few bands out there that are able to use what might be the most over done concept in rock and roll and make a personal, interesting statement.  The Choke is just such a band.

I first caught the band on their second or third month together, opening for the legendary Buzzcocks on the Irving Plaza stage.  I was quite taken with their passion and energy, all essential elements of punk rock.  Cameron Eve, a stunning screamer with chanteuse affectations, picture the Ramones being fronted by Ethel Merman, breaths fresh air into a genre too long dominated by apathetic singers.  The rhythm section of Josh ‘Knuckles’ Machlin and Jonny Napalm holds together the bands attack and pushes it straight into your sinuses as Hott Deth’s guitar sprays each and every tune with sonic shrapnel.

However, because the band is a group of Gen-Xer’s not in their early 20’s, the four look through the unique lens of Post-Urban Culture at the sub genre of they so adore.  This isn’t mere emulation but an actual desire to play the music they love with shout outs to eras and bands past.

Here is the link to their wonderful noir-esque video ‘Talk To Me.’ The Choke will be playing Monday 5/25 at the Bowery Electric with Tall Black Girls.


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