Should Sheriff Joe Arpaio Be Indicted?

The Con

Scottsdale is definitely the land of the odd, the heavily armed, the golf fanatic and the foodie. Just trying to wrap my head around this ‘suburban paradise’ has been a challenge.

One of the issues I have found myself debating is the conduct of Maripoca County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. His raids on illegal immigrants, stance on the enforcement of municipal/county/state/federal laws have made him the most popular elected official in Arizona. At the same time, his stances and practices have made him infamous in the rest of the country.

Is the good Sheriff right? (My Uncle Mike loves him) Is he too heavy handed in his enforcement of the letter of the law? (My position.) Or is Arpaio a throw back fascist? These are interesting questions that are being asked all over the US.

My fellow Open Salon blogger Bonnie Russell is one of those citizens who worries about Sheriff Arpiao. Check out her post on Arpiao’s possible indictment by a Maricopa County Grand Jury and leave a comment. I did.

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