BB Zola

The Core Belief

At 1:30am on July 23, 2010, Baby Boy Zola arrived into this world, a day before his father’s/my brother Scot’s 40th birthday. At this time, Scot and his mother Anna have yet to name the newly arrived Zola boy.

Jewish tradition dictates a newborn is to be named after a family member who has left this world. Although there are many male names available in the family vault, the first name that will be used is Aron – BB Zola’s grandfather.

However, other names such as Benjamin, Oscar, Elmer, Fulton, Hank and Frank are still out there as well. As his paternal grandfather Aron was a gambler, I’d like to see if there is anyone out there who’d like place a small wager on my nephew’s name:

I have a safe $5 the kid will be named Aron. I’ll even lay you 3-2.

Anyone care to take that action?

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