Trash Begets Trash

Character Sundays

I finally discovered my tetanus is shot up to date so I decided to get a shot and a beer at the Monte Carlo on 3rd and Vermont in the ass end of K-Town.

The Monte Carlo smells like a recently cleaned adult bookstore. The troll like 5’1″ blonde hooker wanna be in far too tight red stretch pants is screaming at the larger than beer bellied but still looks like the Les Nessman type.  All he’s missing is the bow tie and the ever moving Band-Aid.

She was worried about him. He mumbles that he can’t get it up so he’ll call his buddy. She’s drinking a florescent red Cape Codder while the two hipster Sandernistas discuss Bernie in Pigeon simile and eye her nervously.

The only thing wrong with this scene is the Queen song playing as the Korean bartender whose name is unpronounceable claiming she’s known everyone in the bar since she’s been 19. Then Andy, a portly squat Samoan, makes the scene. The barmaid tells him he looks great. Les Nessman tells him how ugly he is.  Finally Les Nessman stubbles out the door asking loudly to anyone who within ear shot “where the fuck am I?”

I leave satisfied, if a little dazed, by the glut of weird humanity.  But I wonder, did Bukowski drink here?  What about Chandler?  Then the oddly sexual but not really exchange between Les Nessman and the troll like 5’1″ blonde hooker wanna be in far too tight red stretch pants outs me in the mind of a quote I barely remember from a novel never published: ‘trash begets trash said Fong.’

Quick note to the Great Magnet: can you please put Singapore by Tom Waits on the box instead of the horribly out of place Tom Petty next time I stumble by?

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