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Post Urban Culture

There was a time in the 1970’s, 1980’s and 90’s when music followed the Jack Kerouac maxim: the unspeakable visions of the individual. Punk, post pink, hardcore, college rock, alternative, all used this statement as a jumping off point (whether they knew it or not.). Some great music, some good and a lot of bad were made in these genres. So much so I listened exclusively to Motown, John Coltrane, the Choke and the blues from 2006-2009. The revolution/scene/etc I had participated in became just another corporate product.

Red Angel Six hasn’t forgotten those occasionally heady days. Their new release Prasad has the same jangle that had Robyn Hitchcock on the top of the indie charts in the mid 1990’s and opens with a Velvet Underground cover to boot.

Band masterminds Arindam and Aram are hoping to sell enough records to finance a new recording, thus practicing more financial responsibility than Washington DC ever has. So, help the boys out gang. The album is available on both Amazon and iTunes. (iTunes is $1 more than Amazon.) (Once you’ve bought the record, check out my favorite track “Fur Salon.” It mentions an Old Fashioned, which makes it near and dear to every bartender and John Updike fans heart.)

You will be pleasantly surprised.

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