Just How Bad It Is Out There

The Street Hustle

Unemployment is rising and people are waiting for the next economic failure to occur.  These are the simple truths for the times in which we reside.

As we appear to have hit a plateau on the way to the bottom, wherever that maybe, the blame game is beginning.  In a recent column in the Detroit Free Press, Mitch Albom attempts to lay the blame for the coming final failure of Detroit and the auto industry at the feet of the senators that vetoed the White House led bailout.  He claims the entire region and, yes, the city of Detroit itself will become museum relics due to the inaction of the Upper House.

Right or wrong, I don’t know.  I do know I hear bankers blaming Bush, Bush blaming al-Qaeda and everyone else blaming the Jews.  Everyone is preparing for the worst.  Just how bad it’s going to get is anyone’s guess, although the whispers of a Depression are on the rise.

Today, as I was returning form my storage place in far west SoHo, I walked up 7th Avenue South right into the heart of Greenwich Village.  There, at the corner of Christopher Street, a large 250 lbs. unshaved, Africa-American sort of transsexual in a red do-rag, beige skirt and grey t-shirt from her high school basketball team, was kicking a barely smaller TS.

“Bitch! You took my last estrogen,” she screamed and kicked and beat the smaller himer into a garbage can across from the cigar shop as people walked past.

It looks like the next Great Depression is nigh.

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