Random Thoughts In The 110-Degree Heat

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A week’s worth of 110-degree heat is coming to the desert, which is only slightly warmer than the 108-degree heat of last week. I’m beginning to understand why there appears to be no ambition in the Valley of Sun: trying to stay cool and avoid the umpteenth re-run of Men in Black II is about the only thing one for which one can muster any energy.

So as I try to find the energy to boldly walk to the local CVS to buy a new container of sun tan lotion – level 175, I’d like to offer you these random thoughts:

*Steve Wynn, Vegas Gambling Mogul, believes China and Macao are now better places to do business than America. Although I believe he is correct in his assumption, his whining just puts me to sleep. I assume one becomes a multi-billionaire because they solve problems, not complain about them. Hey Steve, how about a suggesting a few remedies so we can start coming back to the Bellagio and dropping the cash for that months’ mortgage?

*Ron Blackwell, chief economist for the AFL-CIO, called Fox Business News pundit Neil Cavuto an asshole during some rough questioning during a contentious interview on Friday. Wonder how many Teamsters it’s going to take to change light bulbs at Fox News Headquarters in the next few weeks.

*The Japanese government is encouraging it’s citizens to sleep more in order to reduce their carbon dioxide footprint by 85kg a year. I believe in 25 years, Japan will be dealing with a major problem with over population. Thoughts?

*Last night an MLB umpire’s blown call or balls and strikes cost the Detroit Tigers a game against the Atlanta Braves. That’s three games umpires have cost the Tigers in less than 130 games dating to the playoff game with the Minnesota Twins last year. Two of them game 163 and Armando Galarraga’s 28-batter perfect game earlier this month were significant costing Galarraga his place in history and the Tiger’s a playoff birth. Conspiracy or something more?

More missives tomorrow gang, stay frosty – literally.

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