Bingo Rebels

The Street Hustle

The New York Underground used to be the leather clad urban lizards making their rounds of the Lower East Side, West Village and it’s various East Village and SoHo off shoots. Warhol, Reed, Dylan, Bird, Diz, Pollack, DeLillo, Selby, Thomas, Acker et al. The pseudo danger of getting together with those who are determined make sense of their culture and get back at the ‘Man’ in secret salons while desperately trying get the ‘Man’s’ attention and his money, still has romantic qualities that appeal to the ‘revolutionary’ in all of us. Drinking outlawed liquor, using drugs, cheap and easy sex; A bit Parisian perhaps, but still romantic.

However, the new breed of ‘revolutionaries’ in their Che t-shirts, listening to the latest angry hip hop in Hollywood, Williamsburg, the Loft District of Phoenix and downtown Detroit seemed to have missed the point of getting back at ‘the Man’ in a secret salon. Gone is the fight against ‘straight’ mores with Absinthe, heroin and BDSM. Those substances and acts have been replaced with…bingo.

The Underground Rebel Bingo Club operates in London, Brighton, Nottingham (Robin Hood would be proud), Manchester, Bristol and New York. And just like ‘the Man’ they want to get back at the Underground Rebel Bingo Club has rules:

Club Rules –

No old people.

No boring people.

No wankers.

No office parties.

No hen parties.

No stag parties.

No work suits.

No customer service.

Dress Code: Undercover on your way there, dangerous once you’re inside.

A recent conversation at an event:

Player 1: Then we must seize power tonight!

Player 2: Absolutely.

MC: B5

Player 1: Can I count on your support?

Player 2: Did he say B5? BINGO!

Yes, it is true. The revolution won’t be televised.

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