Watch Your Toes Bill Belichik!

The Street Hustle

The final game of the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs will begin in approximately half an hour. This is the AFC’s game and pits the New York Jets against the New England Patriots in frigid cold Foxboro. Massachusetts.

The teams are AFC East rivals. They play each other twice during the NFL’s regular season schedule with the Patriots winning the last meeting in a 45-3 blow out. Outspoken read: blow hard Jets coach Rex Ryan said this game is a “personal” match between himself and New England head coach/certified “NFL” genius Bill Belichick.

For the record, I don’t believe there are any geniuses in the NFL. For the most, as Jim Fassel said, part NFL coaches are Physical Education majors who are coaching other Physical Education majors. (With apologies to Byron White, Marc Trestman, Marv Levy and Stefan Humphries.) However, Belichick certainly knows how to take away the strength of his opponents’ offensive game plan, forcing that team to beat the Patriots with their second, third, fourth etc. best offensive scheme’s.

The NFL has warned both teams about too much “trash talking.” However, in the playoffs, the Jets have a tradition of trash talking and backing up their statements – see Joe Namath’s guarantee of a victory over the heavily favored Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III. Thus it’s not at all shocking for anyone with a sense of NFL history to hear the New York Jets opening their mouths. No matter the era, it seems the New York Jets are a bunch of prancing peacocks.

Rex Ryan making something personal with Bill Belicheck is another matter entirely. The last time Ryan said something was ‘personal’ it was in reply to questions about his wife and (presumably) his foot fetish that showed up on a number of YouTube postings. Is Rex trying to tell us he wants to suck the toes of the New England Patriots head coach? For Belichick’s sake, I hope it’s so cold he has to wear massive thermal boots for before, during and after the game. Keep that locker room private Bill!

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