Organic She-Males?

The Street Hustle

New Years Day 2009, New York City –

Although it is 15 degrees outside with a wind chill factor of below zero, once off of work, I found myself wandering down 14th Street during an uber quiet early evening.  14th Street has always been odd, a combination of old rooming houses, horrible bars and new restaurants trying desperately to be hip.  It was on this very street that Woody Guthrie lived and churned out songs by the hundreds.  Richard Hell and Robert Quine met at the Cinemoblia Bookstore at 14th and 7th and helped create punk rock back in the early ’70’s.   Now, there are condo developments and horrible Guyland bars.  Where the lower Chelsea and upper West Village districts meet, the once bohemian center of the world has become another sterile Manhattan street.  Even the gay population has become boring and domestic, trading in their leather affectations for baby strollers.  So here I was after work, a member of the endangered Manhattan dwelling bohemian artist class, looking for a fix that didn’t involve anti-depressants.

I found something like that on the south side of 14th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues as I walked past a little porn shop called Passions.  Their window display promised DVD’s with ‘100% Organic She-males.’  Aside from the fact that the operation for sexual reassignment isn’t organic, the window grabbed my attention.  It was the most interesting thing on the block. I thought there was some sort of translation issue as the vast majority of these X-Rated shops are operated by men from Pakistan or Bangledesh.  So in I went to see what an organic She-male was and, much to my amusement, it is the name of a DVD.

Here is the description of the movie as found on the DVD box: This movie is historic, ground-breaking and unprecedented! Nowhere else can you see beautiful, ALL-NATURAL she-males fucking and getting fucked BAREBACK! These trannies don’t need silicone to make them look like women.

So they used saline instead of silicone for the breast implants?  I don’t quite get it, what makes this movie historic?  She-males having sex on camera with men, women, whatever, it’s been done before, no?  Not even those who are into this kink believe the DVD description do they? I found one online review that put it succinctly:

BAD TRANNY MOVIE!Candy Darling (Photo by Fred W. McDarrah)

I guess the economy is so bad, even Porn DVD’s aimed at a specific kink segment of the market need hype.


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