Kwame Wants Your Money – Legally. Via PayPal.

The Street Hustle

Nashville underwater. New Orleans being bombarded by the backhand of Karma, trying to find ways to avoid an ecological disaster that is making Katrina look like a small hiccup from Mother Nature. A bill on illegal immigration problem in Arizona is passed by the legislature that defines illegal immigration as illegal.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder out there, once again, Kwame Kilpatrick makes the news.

A Wayne County judge has revoked his probation for failing to pay the city of Detroit the $1 million he owes in restitution for thievery while serving as the Mayor of Detroit. Kilpatrick plead poverty, claiming he didn’t have the money to pay the fine his lawyers were able to negotiate with the state of Michigan in lieu of a lengthy jail sentence.

So with a trip to the Maximum Security Marquette State Correction Institution hanging over his head, Kwame decided to take his case to the people.

Kilpatrick and his wife started a website entitled Friends of Kwame. Buy clicking on this site, you can donate a few bucks to help the convicted felon clear his debt to you, the very same people he defrauded while in office and who still believes in the social contract.

Kwame uses PayPal to collect credit and debit card transactions and charges 30 cents for each transaction. So if everyone pledged $0.29 to Kilpatrick, he’d be in Dutch with PayPal as well.

Poetic Justice or something more…

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