Hell Has Frozen Over

The Street Hustle

The Detroit Lions are 5-0 for the first time since 1956.  1956.  My brothers and I weren’t even a thought the last time the Lions started 5-0.  The mouse had yet to be invented, the personal computer wasn’t even a thought and the Ford Mustang was seven years away from production.  Jesus, my high school had yet to be built.

However, there is something odd, out of place with the Detroit Lions being 5-0 this late in the season.  It’s as though the natural order of the universe has been turned on its ear. How can I be so sure?  Outside of seeing a dog fornicating with a cat in their newly rented condo, I came across this picture while Googling the Lions historical start:

If they go 6-0 this weekend against the 49ers, we maybe doomed.

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