The Street Hustle

It looks like everyone is being bitten by the ‘Go Green’ bug. 

The latest victim to succumb to the Green disease is the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.  It seems that the brewer has made a deal with E-Fuel Corporation, a company that attempts to provide inexpensive fuel that is not gasoline or oil based and easily accessible to consumers eg. Ethanol.

Using a device called an EFuel 100 Microfueler, essentially a pump designed to deliver the ethanol to gasoline burning vehicles, Sierra Nevada has partnered with EFuel to create the ethanol.  The new fuel is a by-product of the discarded (bottom of the barrel) beer-yeast used in to make Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale.

As happy as I am to see someone, anyone thinking out of the box when it comes to making new forms of energy, I am somewhat bothered.  Although not usually a fan of pale ale’s, I do enjoy Sierra Nevada on a hot day.  So I wonder, why can’t they use the bottom of the barrel yeast from Bud Light?  Is it because all Bud Light is bottom of the barrel?



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