Random Thoughts On The Politically Correct Virus

A quick one today as I have been laid up with the stomach flu.  You know, cramps, sweats, turning white, the spurting runs, vomiting, nausea; you know the whole megilla.


According to press reports via one bartender I work with I had a norovirus.  A norovirus.  What next, you didn’t refill the beverage napkins and olive juice so we have an issue?


This may sound more than a bit cranky but if you’ve spent two days having Talmudic conversations with your carze, or toilette as we so crassly call it in the US; you might find it utterly stupid to call the stomach flu a norovirus.


Ah well, we can’t all be members of the Cultural Mosaic when having discussions with the Porcelain G-d.


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