Random Thoughts Before The Big Freeze

Some random thoughts to ponder as the big freeze of 2009 barrels towards New York.

*New York City is located in the northeast and is a cold weather town.  When the expected 1-3” of powdered snow hits the streets, it should only be an inconvenience.  However, it will shut various parts of the city down.  Shame should be upon us.

*When hitting on a woman who is sitting next to you at a bar and she announces she has a girlfriend, the next question shouldn’t be ‘are you gay?’  This puts the woman in question in an awkward position.  And when she responds ‘I don’t know if I’m a lesbian.  I just prefer to sleep with women,’ this is what is called a sarcastic remark.  It is not the time, nor the place for you to ask for her phone number.  Especially, when it is known that you have family Nazi ties and various men in the bar keep throwing you Nazi salutes.

*I understand people don’t know anything about history but when I have to explain who Michael Milken and Ivan Boesky are, it worries me, especially in these Madoff all the time Cable era.

Stay warm guys!


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