Random Thoughts on the First Monday in 2009

*Here’s a piece of advice for all of you that walk into a bar and tell your bartender that you’ve been drinking all day or your drunk.  You may as well run up to an SS officer and scream ‘I’m a Jew’ in 1939 Germany.  As a bartender, I can tell you, if you look me in the eye, don’t wander from that gaze, don’t slur and are pleasant; I’ll give you a drink.  Tell me you’ve been drinking all day and I’ll send you to the next joint.  Unless, of course, you are a woman who feels the need to use the line ‘I’m so drunk’ as some sort of odd sorority mating call.

Ok kids, the new missives for the New Year start tomorrow.  I am looking forward to writing for your reading pleasure throughout the year of someone’s lord 2009.

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