Get the Pod into the Car



Several readers have written and asked me if I had ever written everything anything along the lines of a novel about my father or anything else for that matter.

Well, I haven’t written about a novel or book about the Old Man, yet.  However, I have written a literary thriller that fictionalizes the infamous, unsolved Oakland County Child Killings. 

The killings took place in an 18-month period that lasted from 1976-78.  In my fictionalization, which I am calling The Year of the Babysitter, the dates have been changed to the mid-80s, hence the white Mercury Sable instead of an AMC Gremlin (for those of you that remember the actual case.).

Here is an excerpt from the first chapter.

He waited in white the Mercury Sable.  Slowly, he pushed the lighter into its heater and waited for it to pop out, all the while keeping his eyes out front, looking for his next Pod. 

“Hey, kid.  Come over here,” he rolled down the window, letting the cool November air in.  The Pod was dressed for soccer game.  The Birmingham/Bloomfield Soccer League. 

Anyone who was anyone had their pods in this league.  Bob thought.  He played for the Bombers.  Fucking rich.  What’s wrong with baseball?  Football.  American sports.  No.  The fucking rich, man.  Communists. Teach the kids to play a European game.  What’s wrong with baseball?


“Hey.  What’s your name?”  He asked.


“Ricky, do you have a game?” 

“Yes sir.  At Poppleton Park.”

He could have reached out and grabbed the pod but that’s how he almost got caught before.  Jesus, she screamed.  No, he would have to talk this Pod into the car….click here to read more  



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