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I’d like to apologize but today’s blog will be a little somber.


Michael Lindner, a dear family friend, died on Sunday after a prolonged illness.  He was 71.  Mike is survived by his wife Anita, son Daniel, daughter Lainie and 5 grandchildren.


Dan and I befriended each other in 4th grade and the families have been close ever since.  We were always at the Lindner’s house for New Year’s Day Bowl Games.  We could have watched Michigan drop the Rose Bowl anywhere, Mike’s chili and Caesar Salad were the real reasons to attend.


However, my strongest memory of Michael Lindner comes from 7 years ago: November 3, 2002.  Although Anita had minor surgery planned the next day, they came to my father’s funeral.  A few minutes before they had to catch their plane back to Las Vegas, Mike pulled me aside and gave me his cell number.  “If your mother needs anything, call me right away,” he told me. 


The world has a very good man.


Chad, Allison, Emma, Matthew and Talya, listen to me.  Make sure you get the recipes for your grandfather’s chili and Caesar Salad.  You can a mint off of those two items alone.  Trust me.


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