Finally, Humor About the Presidency

Overheard in a New York Restaurant:

Girl: I’m afraid Bush will do something stupid and leave Barry with so many issues they will become huge problems.

Guy: I thought you were the Obama girl.

Girl: If Bush leaves him with a mess, everyone is going to hate him.

The guy took a sip of his wine and winked at his drinking companion. 

Guy: What do you think Bush will do, leave Obama with a mortgage on the White House?

Girl: What?

Guy: You know; Bush will bail out Citibank just so he can take out a mortgage on the White House at the Carter rate of 19.5% and leave it for Obama to deal with.  Is that what you are talking about?

The girl looks at her friend with eyes getting larger and larger

Girl: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guy: Bush will mortgage Obama’s future by taking out a home loan…

She stood up, threw her red wine in his face and stormed out.

What a shame it all had to end so abruptly.  I thought I had found the male, nueveau, sly and snarky version of Dorothy Parker.  

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