A Quick Note From A Broken Computer

Well, the computer is still on the fritz so I apologize for the odd font as well as the delayin posting this eve. So I offer a quick point as my time is limited before my PC falls apart again.

According to a broadcast report on Channel 11 here in NYC, many of those who are losing their jobs in the financial sector are going to bartending schools to learn the art of ‘mixology.’  The final exam for these schools consists of making 20 drinks in 6 minutes.

Two quick thoughts:

1. Except for clubs looking to hire 21 year old college students who have no clue about the hours involved, no decent bar/grill/retaurant is looking to hire anyone who came out of a bartending school.  Remember when you came out of school and couldn’t get a job because you had no New York experience but no one would hire you because you had no New York experience?  Welcome to the same quandry.  Congratualtions, you’ve just upped your frustration level.

2.  You aren’t pros.  Trust me, even your most fucked up Irish bartender in a Blarney Stone near Penn Station knows a Cape Codder is a Vodka Cranberry.

And so, I wish you good luck.

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