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I received this from Zola System reader SingPretty.  Her comments here are on the post Ms. Brazilian Wax and she seems rather confused: she should she laugh or be appalled?


That’s exactly how I felt as I wrote it.


Alex, I can’t figure out if I’m disgusted by your story or if it’s hilarious. I suppose my two older brothers would find it hilarious, they’ve each dated more shiksas that you can shake a stick at, and told them “funny” stories like that. One brother dated a shiksa whos family owned a Christmas tree farm and he told her some story about us having to go back to the synagogue on Yom Kippur cause that’s where the animal sacrifice and subsequent blood drinking (to break the fast) would occur. I’m not sure what makes a fella do something like that. Of course my brother’s tall tale was far worse than yours… I think.  

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