Defending Rush Limbaugh

The Second Essential Scary Truth

NFL games used to be fun.  Quarterbacks blindsided by rampaging defensive ends, wide receivers upended by cornerbacks and safeties, bouncing off the top of their helmets but still holding onto the ball have become relics of a bygone era.   Football players were once heroes in America’s closeted fascist pastime.  Then pure capitalism took over under the cloak of socialist parity.


Now football has a salary cap. 7-9 teams make the playoffs and if a defensive player sneezes on a quarterback, that’s a 15 yard Personal foul.  My nieces get more scrapes and bruises playing in a sandbox then your average over-amped via steroid NFL pansy, I mean player.  The NFL’s derisive nickname the ‘No Fun League’ is well deserved.


This was the week I thought things would change.  This was the week Rush Limbaugh was outed as a minority member of a group headed by former New York Rangers/Knicks and current St. Louis Blues President David Checketts that was intent on buying the St. Louis Rams.


Limbaugh, conservative radio talk show host and former FOX NFL commentator, has been accused of racism and other sundry First Amendment crimes.  I’m not here to discuss what was or wasn’t said by Limbaugh or anyone else.  That’s what the internet is for.  However, this was the week the NFL came alive for me again.  I watched, I followed, and I had ESPN’s Sportscenter on 24/7.  For the first time since 1994, I truly enjoyed the NFL. 


And what happened?  NFLPA President D. Smith, Baltimore, opps, INDIANAPOLIS Colts owner Robert Irsay, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton all spoke out against Limbaugh.  The media backlash was so vitriolic Limbaugh was forced to pull out of the Checketts investment group and go on air and defend his desire to be an investor in an NFL franchise.  He claims the NFL and the NFLPA forced him out. 


FINALLY!  FUN IN THE NFL!  I haven’t had this much fun watching people take bloody pieces out of each other via the media since Hukser Du broke up in 1987.  But that isn’t what the NFL/NFLPA/ ESPN axis that currently runs America’s fascist ground acquisition sport.  They want parity, every team in it every year and Tom Brady and his European man purse on the pages of the New York tabloids with the model of the week.  Having Rush Limbaugh, a man many feel is a fascist mouthpiece, as a minority owner of a NFL franchise drips with irony. 


If only football announcers had a third of the wit of your average waterbus, perhaps the NFL could have actual life again instead of promoting 16 weeks of insanity defined.  What would the NFL owners and NFLPA do then?  Smarten up the on field product?   








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