Random Friday Thoughts

As it is a crisp fall day with nothing but brown crinkled leaves under foot, I bring you some random thoughts from the week.


*I was chatting with a 20 something woman about a picture she took with a 1959 Corvette convertible.  When I mentioned the car to her, she told me she had no idea what make it was.  In order to give her context, I mentioned it was the same car Otter drove in Animal House.  She told me she had never seen the movie.  Not only did this woman not know a classic automobile but she had never seen an American movie classic.  Screw the economy, now I am terrified.  Thank Buddha I didn’t ask her about having seen Casablanca.  If her answer was the expected no, I’d be suicidal.


*At least one sports pundit has picked the Detroit Lions to go 0-16 on the season.  My only question: what’s taking the rest of you so called expert sports analysts so long?


*According to a recent Zagat Dining Survey, 38% of New Yorkers are dining out less and 38% of diners are spending less at restaurants.  No wonder I’m having trouble finding a steady gig.


*A singular consolation for not working nights right now: I finally got a chance to watch House, my brother Scot’s favorite television show.  A vicodan addicted, bastard of a diagnostician solves odd medical cases despite his own personality.  Sounds like most of the bartenders I know.


Enjoy your Friday!



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