When Did You Realize Your Father Was As Full Of Shit As The Next Guy?

I’d like to welcome Alex M., a blogger from the Russian Federation who has sent a couple of comments I have posted.  Check out his blog spot www.street-streetmachine.blogspot.com.  Don’t worry, he posts in English as well as Russian.


Bull Durham was on the box yesterday.  I was really taken with the scene where pitcher Nuke LaLouche’s father was at a game, videotaping his start.  When he admits to his catcher ‘Crash’ Davis he was nervous his father was there to watch him play the game, Davis says “He’s only your Old Man.  He’s as full of shit as anyone else.”


It got me to thinking about the first time I found out my father was just a regular guy.  Well, as regular a guy as my any semi-connected building contractor in Detroit could be. 


When did you first realize your father was as full of shit as the next guy?  Send me your story and I will post it.


Alex Zola

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