It Gets Worse

Usually, when a football team has a losing season that is so egregious that Jay Leno makes them the butt of jokes on the Tonight Show, the owner of that franchise will fire everyone from the President to the General Manager to the waterboy.  This isn’t, however, how William Clay Ford, owner of the Detroit Lions does business.

The day after finishing 0-16, a first for any American football team since the advent of the 16 game schedule in the late 1970’s, Ford promoted Tom Lewand and Martin Mayhew to President and General Manger (respectively) of the utterly hapless Detroit Lions.  Lewand has been with the team since the late ‘90’s and Mayhew is a self described “Millen Man.” (Matt Millen being the architect of this Titanic like team.)

Just a quick thought here: William Clay Ford also oversees the Ford family business: the Ford Motor Company. 

Note to the thieves, I mean, elected representatives of the American Republic in Washington DC: this man can’t run a football franchise and you gave him how many billions to bailout his family business?  You didn’t help the working man, you managed to fuck us all.  Next time, some lube please.

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