Late Night With Jimmy Fallon – How The Freshest Show On TV Can Get Even Better

I am gratified to report that Jimmy Fallon, my neighborhood pal, is doing brilliant work since taking over as the host of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.  His bits like ‘7th Floor West’ are stunningly hysterical and getting the Roots, as talented a group of musicians as there is on the planet, to be his house band was inspired.

However, for as much fun as I am having watching Jimmy kibitz and clown around on Late Night, I’d love to see him push the show past the heights that David Letterman achieved in the mid 1980’s.  Which is a rarified air that Jimmy is already breathing; at least in the opinion of your occasionally intrepid blogger.

So as I sit here on this rainy 22nd day of April, here are some ideas for you (and Jimmy and staff) to mull over or utterly disregard.

*Find some true New York characters that work at regular jobs and let them become roving correspondents for Late Night.

*Jimmy should go to a bowling alley, say the Majestic Lanes in Brooklyn, and challenge one of the regulars or a local celebrity to a few frames.  Loser buys dinner.

*Carson Daley walks around Los Angeles at night, giving us a view of the people, places and events of the city after dark.  A segment where Jimmy would walk around the city at night, talking to tourists and townies about where they are and what is going on in a neighborhood.  Something like the night walks that I have been interviewed and written about.

*Invite a musician (s) or actor (s) on the show that is known to like to drink i.e. George Clooney and instead of challenging them to beer pong, play a game of quarter bounce.  Let’s see who has the better quarters form, Jimmy, George or Keith Richards.

*As Late Night is the first talk show to actively use blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and various other social networking sites as an integral part of the program, invite some local bloggers to do some on air video blogs about their topics.  Allow the audience to vote which bloggers to use via Facebook etc.

*Send out a member of the studio audience with a video camera to create an on the spot video blog about a topic the of Jimmy’s choosing.

I’m sure that Fallon’s writing staff has come up with all sorts of new ideas and I hope these can be of some help, if they get stuck.  It has been a fresh and wonderful seven weeks for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.  I, for one, can’t wait to see what he’s going to do next.




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