The First Cougar

The Con

Eartha Kitt died on 12/25/2008 after a long battle with colon cancer. 

In 1953, Eartha recorded the utterly sexual take on ‘Santa Baby.”  This would have been enough to place her in the top ten of many young men’s early sexual fantasies over the course of the intervening 58 years.  However, in the third season of the 196o’s ABC TV series ‘Batman,’ Kitt was re-cast as Catwoman due to regular actress Julie Newmar’s other obligations.

The day after passing, five different buddies of mine, all the same age, were sitting Shiva over her death.  As a group, Eartha was one of our first sexual desires.  No one filled out the black jumpsuit better. 

At the time, Kitt was 41 years old.  In today’s parlance, Kitt was a cougar.

Rest in piece Eartha Kitt, the first cougar; always ahead of her time.

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