Random Tuesday Thoughts

Here are some random thoughts on a warm Tuesday in February.

*Why is there an uproar over Michael Phelps taking a hit from a bong?  He’s 23 years old; let him be 23 years old.

*Congress wants to subpoena Alex Rodriguez to testify about his steroid usage while with the Rangers.  A quick not to our elected representatives in the House: please fix the economy first then ask the athletes to come and testify under oath about how they were bad.

*During my past two shifts behind the bar, I have had two people from the neighborhood I grew up in, Bloomfield Hills, come sit at my bar.  Detroit is experiencing an exodus on a grand scale.  I hope the last people there remember to turn out the lights before they leave.

*I live in the only neighborhood in New York City that has bad Chinese take out.

Enjoy the weather!



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