Harems on the Rise

The Con

Harems, a beautiful woman feeing you grapes, wine and cheese while others bide their time, just waiting to please you in anyway you wish, performing any act, sexual, degrading etc.  It’s a fantasy many men have, promulgated by various Hollywood films and much in the way of literature.

In the US and other western nations, polygamy as well as harems are not only frowned upon but are illegal punishable by jail time and large fines.  Recently, however, with the large growth of immigration from the Islamic world, the practice of harems and multiple marrying multiple wives has emerged as a ‘custom.’  An act that should be tolerated by the enlightened, open, pluralistic democracies of the western world

Consider: there are 30,000 harems in France alone.  A judge in Scotland refused to apply a traffic law designed to keep speeding to a minimum, the offender would have had his license revoked, in order to allow him to drive from wife to wife.

There are those, like the eminent (and excellent) terrorism and Middle East commentator Daniel Pipes, who feel that by allowing harems and polygamy to exist, we are endangering the foundations of our western societies.   Perhaps we are endangering our liberal democratic nations.  I would like to believe the social contract is such a strong presence in our daily existence in the New World that it can take a few blows from those people intent on allowing Old World values to seep in.  That isn’t what bothers me.

Here’s my problem: with the economy as bad as it is, just being able to afford a date is rough enough and I seem to recall that harems are the priviledge of the wealthy.  That being the case, how is a regular guy supposed to find a wife?  

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