The Christmas Traveling Blues

Traveling the day before Christmas proves Zola Codicil to Murphy’s Law, which states that Murphy was an optimist, is truly fact. 


*Amtrak passengers traveling to New York have been stranded in Chicago’s Union Station for over 48 hours.  Plus, Amtrak has elected to turn off the heat and not give their travelers pillows, blankets and cots.

*The weather in the Northeast is so bad that 40% of the nation’s air traffic is grounded.  (CNN 12/24/08 2:05pm)  (Where is this thing they call global warming?)

Well, as cynical a bastard as I can be, I have much empathy for my fellow travelers this day before Christmas.  Speaking as your bartender, I recommend single malt Scotch as the remedy for delay.  Half a bottle of Lagvulen, Ardbeg, Glenlivet or Macallan and you won’t care where you are; just make sure you aren’t drinking with your pilot.

As for everyone who doesn’t drink, one Percocet and you will sleep through the delay, the call for the flight, the next flight…

Get home safe guys!


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