Slouching Towards Bethlehem – A Guest Blog From the Legendary Skip Williamson

Skip Williamson

In his Open Salon bio, the legendary Skip Williamson calls himself a “Cartoonist, writer, artist, unrepentant insurgent, publication designer, pornographer and an aggravating carbuncle on the ass of Culture.” He may also want to add Diabetic to the list.

Today Skip has posted a wonderfully weird, dark and humorous account of slipping into (and out of) a diabetic coma. I’m happy to say the incident hasn’t changed Skip at all. He’s still the same cantankerous individual I’ve idolized for a couple of decades.

May his heart burn brightly for many years to come.

The two men set me on a bench outside the restaurant. One of the men was the dad of the four-year old boy — he went back in to attend to his kid. The other guy stayed with me on the bench while I revived and Harriett went back in to settle the bill and to get our food to take out.

So what if the guy is dying? Get that food you paid for!

Click here to read the whole post on Art and Life – Skip Williamson’s blog on Open Salon.

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