Busted For Huffing – 48 Times

The Second Essential Scary Truth

While reading the Daily News, a silvery smiling face caught my eye.  At first I thought New York’s finest had caught another clown molester want to be.  The truth, as told in the article below, was a whole lot stranger.

An Indiana man’s recent bust for “huffing” paint fumes marks the 48th time he was charged over his obsession with inhaling the toxic chemicals.

Kelly Gibson has been in trouble with the law repeatedly since 1992 because of his alleged addiction, police said.

In his latest bust, which took place more than a week ago, police responded after Gibson and his wife, Kelly, got into an argument outside their apartment, according to WANE News in Fort Wayne, Ind.

Kelly told officers her husband was in their apartment but she was afraid to go in, WANE reported. When police went inside, the entire place reeked of paint fumes and Gibson was shirtless with his hands and face covered in silver paint.

He had a plastic bag in one hand, police said, and a can of silver spray paint in the other. He was also dazed and glassy-eyed.

Gibson was arrested and charged with inhaling toxic vapors.

“Huffing” or “sniffing” is the deliberate inhalation of fumes, vapors, or gases from common household products in order to get high, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The use of inhalants can lead to cardiac arrest, addiction and other health problems.

Busted.  48 times.  For huffing Krylon.  No wonder I don’t use drugs anymore, the need has gone the way of the Edsel.



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